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When it comes to the health and happiness of your pet, settle for nothing but the best. That's why you should choose Steele Canyon Vet Clinic for your veterinary needs. Our certified veterinarians and veterinary assistants were educated at the nation's top schools and offer a wide range of expertise, enabling us to provide your pet with the most comprehensive treatment possible.

The Entire Team at a Glance

The Team left to right: Carrie (RVT), Rolynn, Pam (RVT), Kyle, Lyndsay (Manager), Linda, Amber (RVT), Dr. Christine Wilson, Jack, Emily, Mike, Kathy, Dr. Basso, Dr. Bader

Dr. Christine Wilson-

Place of study

University of California, Davis (1983 - 1987)

 Licensed since



Small animal (dog and cat)

 Professional development

Dr. Christine Wilson has been a practicing veterinarian for over 22 years. Since childhood she has been surrounded by a variety of critters, resulting in a deep passion for them. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology in 1981, she continued on to obtain her master’s in Business Administration from the University of San Diego in 1983. She then attended UC Davis in pursuit of a career in the veterinary field. In 1987, she graduated from UC Davis with her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation from UC Davis, she began working at Spring Valley Veterinary Clinic and remained there as a staff doctor for 14 years. In November of 2001, she decided to venture out on her own to open a small animal practice in Jamul called Steele Canyon Veterinary Clinic. Today she continues working side-by-side with her wonderful staff continuing to do the best she can to help animals and their families. 




Amber is one of the leading registered veterinary technicians here at Steele Canyon Veterinary Clinic. Amber’s employment began here in 2004 and she continues to excel in the practices of veterinary medicine. She is tremendously qualified and extremely organized. Amongst performing exceptional dentistry’s, she is also the clinic’s best cat groomer. She has always maintained a passion for helping animals and is currently the proud owner of a Boston Terrier named “Tiki” a three year old neutered male black and white.  “Tiki” enjoys beach days, ice cream and hanging with his dog friends at the clinic! Her cats “Kona Kitty” and “Gambit” maintain a lovely indoor life at their Hawaiian get away.

In addition to her dedication to the veterinary field she also owns her own dance company called Island Dancers of San Diego.  The style of dance is primarily Tahitian and Hawaiian. Her professional dance group performs at various events all over the county of San Diego by reservation only. Aside from dancing Amber spends winters in the desert with family and summers camping! Steele Canyon Vet Clinic is very lucky to have such a knowledgeable and versatile member as part of the staff!



Carrie has been working in the veterinary field for close to 28 years. At the beginning of her career, she worked with exotic animals, including birds. She has worked in various veterinary specialties over the course of her career, and currently is working with us here at SCVC.

Carrie has rescued and re-homed plenty of dogs and cats, but it wasn't until April of 2013 that she understood the need to help birds. She has fostered and placed four birds in their forever homes. She currently has two foster cockatoos still waiting to be adopted.

Carrie has owned (or been owned by!) her own cockatoo for 28 years and feels she has a special connection to them. Because she understands their behaviors and needs, she tends to specialize in fostering


Vet Assistant

Lisa began employment here at Steele Canyon Veterinary Clinic in 2007. She is currently a veterinary assistant and works directly with the animals. There is no dog too wild for Lisa to handle! She has many years of experience with large animals and specializes in horse/dog training. She is very knowledgeable with accessing and maintaining computer software and implementing fresh new ideas for the clinics benefit. Lisa is very fun loving and full of laughter who can tackle any task without hesitation. She spends her free time riding her 6 quarter horses (along with many clients/ training horses) and training her dog pack. Lisa’s favorite breed of dog is Australian Shepherd! Her side-kick “Mindy” (mini Aussie – 3 years old) is the most well behaved dog in town! She too enjoys beach days, running with her horses and spending quality time with her owner. Lisa is a certified farrier who shoes horses on weekends. She owns all of her own equipment and can take on any horse. Lisa competes in barrel racing, ranch versitility and extreme trail events. Aside from being heavily involved in the equine world she also cares for animals and their homes while owners are away on vacation. 


Vet Assistant

Mike has worked at Steele Canyon Veterinary Clinic since 2001 when first opened. He has been working in the veterinary industry for over 31 years.  Mike is currently in charge of all the supplies ordering and equipment upkeep. His vast knowledge of veterinary equipment is beneficial in helping the clinic to run smoothly. Mike is very well versed in dealing with fleas/ticks and always has great recommendations to help get rid of unwanted pests.

Mike has a heart for rescuing and rehabilitating baby birds. He has successfully nursed hummingbirds back to life and releases them back into the wild. He is the proud owner of many ducks, chickens, roosters, hens and doves. He also loves gardening and spending quality time with his two girls and wife.  Aside from part time work here at the veterinary clinic he also owns his own party rental company called Airplay Jumpers. He rents a wide variety of party supplies.

His hobbies include studying exotic physics, planting his vegetable garden and improving his sail boat.

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